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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  January 18, 2013 6:00am-6:30am EST

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and the ravens are heading to foxboro and the caravan out in full force. this the big story that came on sunday. thank you for joining us. and you saw there the door that just opened is the purple friday care have van kicks off. we're open throughout the course of the day. the roads are all right, too. >> we are now dealing with a crash on the beltway and another on 70. more on the delays in a few but a bit of snow out this morning. >> we did get a bit. flurries we got as well. but nothing sticking to the roads. if you have to have snow. i'll take it like that. >> sounds good. >> let's look at the powerful radar as of now. around frederick, that's where we're seeing most of the reports if you are traveling
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along i 70, be prepared. we can see it around mount prospect. and we have it coming down but it is light in nature. that's the good things and temperatures will be on the cold side. we are above average but we have the winds out of the northwest at 16 now in stevensville. and gusts at 25 miles an hour. going into the afternoon. look at the planner we will start you off at 8:00 cold. and 36 degrees. the breeze is making that feel more like we are in the low
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30s. let's check traffic. we're off to a cold start. and there are several accidents n woodlawn. along the after bound lanes of 70 as you approach 695 t crashed over the guardrail. expect a slow ride over the beltway and more problems on the west side of 695. and right on the outer loop. here is a live look. this is not causing delays. 11 minutes from 795 here is hunt valley and traffic is moving along and was are having a few flurries. frederick seeing some flurries. reduce the speeds to make sure you stay safe. clear heading downtown. southbound from the beltway to fayette street. and white marsh. it will take you 14 minutes from the beltway to downtown.
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that's a look at traffic. and the hostage crisis in algeria. they're not sure now how many people involved are dead and how many may be alive. we're hearing that 22 hostages from a number of parts world wide are missing at this time. a plane landed in algeria to evacuate the americans. hostages were captured this week after storming a gas complex. and we have a update to a story we brought you as breaking news. firefighters battle a two alarm fire. we have the latest. anyone hurt? >> firefighters rescued a person who was taken to the hospital for smoke inhale lace. the -- inhalation. and it was near cold spring lane t spread to two homes. it was so intense the second floor was partially collapsed. that forced the firefighters to
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move outside to fight the fire. no firefighters were hurt. it took several hours to bring it under control. linda so, abc 2 news. now more breaking news. two police officers and a young person went to shock trauma after a crash. it happened around 10:00 on west austin and warner streets. the driver of cart that struck the police van was treated on the scene. no charges have been filed yet. the young person who was in the police explorer was learning about what it meant to be a police officer basement is going on in forest hill. authorities are trying to find out who spray painted graffiti on the side of a store there. a manager at ronnie's warehouse found it on his dumpster and a wagon that he rents out. they have cameras so maybe this will help the sheriff's department catch whoever did this. and sports this morning, time for the rematch as the ravens prepare to head to new england for round two with the
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patriots. that's coming up sunday. the afc title is at stake and a trip to new orleans. fans are getting in the mood. and sherrie johnson is live with the purple caravan. we saw people starting to file in. >> reporter: that's right. they just hoped the doors here at 6:00, there was a long line outside. take a look, this place is packed. they just opened the door. this is the kickoff here for the purple kara van. and people here are fired up at 6:00 ready to a rematch. they have about 11 stops to take. you know. they have the ravens cheerleaders. the mascot. a number of people who are on the caravan with them. i have my friends here. this is the first time to the
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purple caravan. tell me you walked in, what do you think, first time here, what do you think? >> it is awesome. it is cool. this is more than i expected. >> reporter: why did you decide to get up and come out? >> we're teachers and today is a grading day we're allowed to do it from home. we got them done yesterday. we had the day off what better way to spend a friday than with the ravens fans and drinking beer and eating bacon. >> i had a bit of the bacon. it is good. you're in for a treat. what do you think about the ravens? >> awesome. this is their time. >> you? >> i agree. i'm stoked. after the win last week i think that we're going to take it home all the way. >> thank you for joining me. have fun, lots of fun. we'll be out here hour long
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talking to the fans. this place is packed. they just opened the door. and people are piling in here. so a lot going on here. i will find more bacon and eggs. >> we're back for round 2. and the best spots around the area. and kelly and mike will be at dela rosa. and jamie and scott will be here. that's at 7:00 right here on abc 2. we're just three days away from the second's celebration. and already the risers are going into place. >> they are expecting 800,000 people that's half as many if you are headed down to washington, dc for the swearing in. metro is selling special one day passes. >> facts you may not know, george washington spoke just 135 words in his second
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inaugural address. that's the shortest on record. and william henry harrison's 1841 he spoke more than 8000 words, that's the longest on record. get this it cost 4-dollars to acontinued the first ball held in 1809. 400 that one was the hands of president james madison. and this is your place for coverage. monday we'll have team reports live from washington, dc and covering the parade, oath of office and festivities coming after. lawmakers say it is a compromise. this morning others say they are ignoring the victims. and the dog breed controversy is heading up. a cancer diagnosis can feel devastating. we have news that is offering hope to patients. think back. can you remember life before remote controls? -- controls?
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how it is becoming a dinosaur. new advances in technology. we have a few showers this morning. when we dry out and when we see sunshine that's coming up. and we are unfortunately dealing with a crash here on 70 at the beltway. another accident on 695. i'll have the details before you head out. a live look this morning at times square. 9 minutes after the hour. let's head that way for the tech bites. in today's tech bites facebook introduces cell phone calling. users who down load the app will make calls free of charge the service works over lte and ge and wifi. and at&t is now making face time available on the cellular network. and the video calling service was limited to wifi for those with earlier models of the phone. and soring to the top of the
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chart. the video game took 12 hours on thursday to hit the number one spot on the apps ris. and one -- one of the most popular of all time. >> could being a bad speller make you safer. users who have passwords with misspellings are less likely to have their computers hacked.
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if you have turned the house up side down looking for the remote this is for you. >> the next wave may eliminate
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of pushing a button tore swiping the screen. >> can you just use your hand to control your tv. lift up. any device that has camera. >> and in the demonstration, camera reads the user -- user's motions a wave browses channels and sliding up and down controls the volume. >> this was just going on and were you reading that. and lynette was looking at me doing this. turn it down. off. >> i do that all the time. >> me, too. >> i do. >> i love it. >> i love it. >> and hang out and just -- >> you know i watch tv with my husband and he is annoying going through the channels. ky imagine what that will look like. it is gold and we had a
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surprise out there. >> this is coming down that system system that moved through is moving and stayed to the south of us. it never worked to the north and dc isn't get any action. as we check out what is continuing. we can see here that we are going to be dealing with the temperatures that are on the cold side. 28 in westminster. and 29 in northville and 35. but the bigger story is the fact that we have the winds out. there the winds are out of the north and west at 17 miles an hour. and it will make it feel colder and feels like 18 degrees so we're feeling the teens. when i show you the wind chill this is what you need dress for. bundle up. dress in players. heading to the game do the same. we'll deal with the winds gusting on sunday. for today though. we have high pressure that's going to build in.
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that's going to bring us sunshine but we have a bitter last as it dreams -- streams in. we're talking about temperatures in the low 30s when we should be in 490s. and colder and below average. and we have a dry cold front that will slice through the area by sunday. but we will not see any rain with that. as we go into the 7 day forecast. things will look much better in terms of more sunshine. drier. temperatures bumps up. there they are tuesday, wednesday and thursday. >> and let's get a check of traffic with lauren cook. >> and we are dealing with several accidents. what very a crash now in woodlawn along the eastbound lanes of 70 a car crashed over the guardrail as you approached it. it will be slow heading over to 695. an accident has been cleared to the shoulder of 695. and here is a live look north
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of the scene at liberty. it is not causing any clays -- delays but congestion is picking up. you are looking at a 12 minute ride. and down to 95. and up in hunt valley. conditions are clear. and there were reports of flurries earlier. and they could be slick. that's the same case out in carol county. reduce the speeds. no delays heading downtown. just 11 minutes southbound from the beltway con to fayette street. and through the tunnel. eight minute ride traveling north bound all the way to the toll plaza. that's your time saver traffic. over to you. lawmakers in annapolis have reached a compromise on a bill that would keep the pit bulls from being singled out as a dangerous breed. under the terms of the bill and you would be libeful someone bites you but can you defend yourself in court if you believe that the victim provoked the dog. the law would apply to all
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breeds of dogs from pitt bulls to it has the support of leaders in the house of delegates. however the father of a boy who attack led to the lawsuit in the first place the court of appeals ruled that they were, quote, inherently dangerous said it is aimed at protecting dogs not people. >> the idea that we're going to turn that is not -- and with concern for dog owners, again, it undermines the whole philosophy of how the victims are getting retribution. >> the ruling led to another lawsuit by owners who rent their homes. they want to keep their dogs. an attorney representing three plaintiffs said it would be dropped if the legislation passes. thank you very much. and we have a representative from the spca we'll talk about that but, first, tell us about this guy. >> this is skip. he is a wild man puppy.
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he has energy but he is sweet. we have no idea what kind of a mixed breed he is. that's difficult determining the breed. >> does it help with the nose. some is black and some have pink. >> that's true. >> does it help. >> and they look similar when they are young then you get a sense of who they are. >> he is a ravens fan. and some thoughts right now from you on the legislation being discussed now in the legislature. >> we're pleased that a compromise was reached. we were disappointed during the session when a bill was not passed. and this is a compromise. we are pleased with it. we have wanted something that would be breed neutral that would not specify the breeds. it was fair to everyone every dog owner. and we like that it does overturn the rules. >> we have to wait and see what happens. >> should it pass and the bill, it would go into effect
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immediately. that has to be good news, too. >> that is good news, what he could get relief. we have seen more pit bull type dogs given up. and that was not fair to people. >> now going back to skip. young, playful. this puppy needs a 6 year old boy. >> put them together and let them run around. and a family with a lost energy. you you are a -- you from a coach potato family this is not the puppy for you. play sports. this can be ideal. >> thank you. and with the spca. this is skip. need as good home and space and room to run. >> thank you for being here. >> thank you. i like his spirit. >> thank you, guys. cute. >> how is the new year's resolution working out f getting hungry between meals is your issue, staying full and
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losing the weight. a 5 million why this is considered a steal. [ doorbell rings ] donuts? ♪ you're cute. [ door closes ] [ female announcer ] new special k protein cereal helps keep you fuller longer. willpower. what will you gain when you lose? [ traffic sounds ] ♪ help satisfy your hunger longer with the special k protein line. willpower. what will you gain when you lose?
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more people are surviving their battle with cancer. the death rate from cancer has dropped 20% from the peak in 1991. that translates 1 point 2 million people surfing. according to the report they decline for lung, colon and prostate and which are possible for the most number of deaths. you are getting ready to fix your breakfast. do you get hungry in between that time and lunchtime. you don't have to give in and eat something that you shouldn't. >> you need to full full when you are dieting and feeling full can help you lose weight in the long run.
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>> experts recommend that every meal put in fish, lean protein. chicken. beans, nuts. or greek yogurt. >> and like mom said, eat the vegetables. they along with water and fruit can help you think that you are hungry all day long that's where you get in trouble. and now i love the picture send in by sarah. take a look at this. how cute. and it generated a ton of comments. and one wrote in saying: brady doesn't have a chance against this defense. >> any dogs in the house. >> cathy: the new ravens cheerleaders. vicy: smart dogs. ravens will beat brady. >> absolutely. keep your captions coming. we enjoy them. can you e-mail your photos. you can post it on my facebook
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page. looking to clean up your home. head down to the convention center this weekend. the baltimore remodeling expo kicks off today running through sunday. more than 150 companies will be on hand answering your questions. robbers have a plan when they want to grab your stuff. >> one guy forgot something that was important, his disguise; that's ahead.
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i blatch 3w4r57
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two days of trying to find jurors now there will be none in the trial of john leopold. some people are having a hard time getting a flu shot. everything you need to know. the economy is soft, people are trying to make ends meet. what more people are now doing when it comes to paying their bills. that's ahead on this friday. january 18th. and not just any friday but a purple friday. you are sticking around, having a party and some are heading up to foxboro. we'll take a look at a live party right here in baltimore
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this morning. some people may want to follow that. >> if they do so they need to bundle up. and as we head towards the weekend if you are heading up there. but you know what. we'll be dealing with some light snow across the area. that's coming down on the radar. >> that's what we v it is off to the north and the west. if you are out and about take it easy. now to the temperatures where we see a very cold pool of air moving in here. the teens. we have the winds. we can see it coming in at 29 degrees we'll get gusts and 3:00. 38 and like we're in the 20s. d


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